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Providing aromatherapy service in Ocean Township, NJ

My Aromatherapy Nurse is a trusted essential oils supplier in Ocean Township, NJ. All products are sourced from the reputable brand Young Living. and My Aromatherapy Nurse is a verified distributor (Distributor #12432059). You'll find top-of-the-line wellness tools like pure essential oils, BioMats and genomic testing. Using an iTOVi scanner and a genetic test for wellness, we'll tailor our products to fit your wellness fingerprint.

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Our essential oils supplier is your source for holistic products in Ocean Township, NJ. Contact us today to find the best products for your wellness journey.


I am a licensed and Registered Nurse. I do not prescribe or diagnose. My purpose is to educate in order to help you to use less chemicals in your family's daily life including pets and plants!